Tile cleaning method

Tile cleaning    The amazing durability and fascinating design of tile has helped itself to replace the traditional flooring by the tile floor. From the residential house to office, market religious, institution, hospital, retail store, and restaurant tile flooring is a popular choice now a days. It serves magically for years avoiding the wear & tear repair cost if proper take care is maintained. As Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is basically used in public area rather the precious ceramic tiles, it is little bit challenging to maintain proper tile cleaning for floor. In this case using tile cleaning machine can be an easy solution. How? Let’s see-

Traditional Techniques versus Modern techniques:

  • Traditional techniques of tile cleaning using mop or chemical make the floor low moisture where the Modern techniques helps to hold the moisture of surface.
  • Traditional scrubbing method damage tiles and grout surface, where modern techniques prevent from being damaged.
  •  Using harsh chemical is not eco friendly where no harsh chemical is used in the modern technology regarding this issue.
  • As our resources are limited, modern techniques are designed in such way where a very little amount of water is enough for cleaning purpose.
  • Last but not the least modern technology saves a lot of time and labor than that of traditional one.

Now let me introduce some techniques specially designed for cleaning of grouts and tiles-

  • Dry Steam Cleaning Process
  • Hot Water Steam Cleaning Process
  • Self Cleaning Boilers


Dry Steam Cleaning Process:

In this system steam cleaning powder is used to remove the dirt and stain from grouts. No water is used in this whole process as a result it save natural recourses. As the grout is very sensitive surface and get damaged quickly while using high volume of water it is recommended to clean grouts in dry steam process.Tile cleaning


Hot Water Steam Cleaning Process:

Instead of scrubbing with harsh chemical Hot Water Steam Cleaning Process is used to clean heavy dirty zone such as kitchen, factory, shopping mall and other public area.


Self Cleaning Boilers:

The latest versions of grout and tile cleaners are now available with self-cleaning boilers. It protects itself automatically from being scalped. That is why it can be used for years.


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